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2012-11-19: w3peer homepage transfer
We started to transfer private home pages out of this server. We will not continue this service as is. To maintain your own web and mail server seems like programming assembler compared to high level languages. There are too many really good offers out there.

2010-04-19: mail server disruption
The antivir package clamav was outdated and denied service on friday the 16th of april. We were informed about the problem within half a day. The emails were resent the next business day.

2010-03-04: An emphasis on mail reliability
Backup and fail recovery system now optimized to provide a full mail server backup (standby server readily configured). In a worst case scenario the mail server can be switched to a backup server, while the web space (with lots of more data volume) is restored again in second place.

2009-08-24: kernel update
Kernel update plus all modules again up-to-date. No security flaw, i like the stable debian system.

2009-06-20: no news are good news
The server ran smoothly over the whole last 12 months without any interruptions. Regular updates where installed. All looks fine, lets keep it up!

2008-06-13: login to mail
You can now directly (and securely using https) login to the webmail interface on the w3peer homescreen. For the first time, the login screen is functional :-).

2008-06-07: switch to new server
Final tests... the transition is done in 3 steps: Web, Mail and DNS.
15:24 CEST - web transfer
15:32 CEST - mail transfer
15:59 CEST - dns switch
17:22 CEST - providers may still not be updated to give the new ip adresses

2008-06-05: server goes Debian
The server will be moved from the existing SuSE 9.2 to Debian Linux. You can test your homepages/portals in advance by using the webadress www2.<yourdomain> e.g. www2.w3peer.com instead of www.w3peer.com.

2008-05-21: server not affected by weak OpenSSH key vulnerability
We just checked if we got some weak keys according to the Debian and derived distributions on this server, however we are happy to announce that this server is not and never was affected.

2008-01-11: activated server side includes
You can now use the apache server side (SSI) includes in your html documents.

2007-03-06: tomcat module integrated
Tomcat servlet applications are now available on port 80. We integrated it into the virtual host environment with the jk-connector.

2007-01-10: no server updates
As you may have noticed there are no updates for the current linux distribution available any more. We will switch to debian linux when it gets final which should be this february (update: debian obviously takes longer ... we'll wait). The reason to chose debian is that it has a long support and update lifecycle (> 3 years - maybe even 4 or more).

2006-10-10: server update
Apache webserver and php modules update.

2006-10-05: hardware upgrade
Upgraded the hardware.

2006-09-15: server update
Kernel update.

2006-09-13: server update
Apache webserver and php modules update.

2006-07-30: server update
Webserver update.

2006-07-23: server update
Kernel update.

2006-06-19: server update
Kernel update, apache webserver and php modules update.

2006-05-08: server update
Apache webserver and php module update.

2006-04-27: Server update
The server runs smoothly. No critical updates.

2006-02-25: virus mail filter tags every message
The virus mail filter decided overnight to tag every message with useless information that the message contains "no known potential malicious software". Switched that system off now, and will take a look at another antivirus server software.

2006-02-24: server update
New kernel. A reboot was required and took as long as 8 minutes. Wohohow! :-)

2006-02-23: server update
New php modules installed.

2006-02-08: Loosers try to break into your php software installation
To do 'cool' stuff like sending spam emails, doing denial of service attacks or any other stupid things, hackers 'break' (by copy-and-paste attacking scripts they do not understand and did not invent by themselves) into your application software on this server. Please keep all your php or cgi-based software up-to-date. Unfortunately we live in a world where lamers who are unable to do constructive things steal our time.

2006-01-13: postgrey installed
Unknown sender email- and ip-adress pairs will be rejected for 300 seconds from now on. This is called greylisting and is a quite effective tool against spamming. Now we have a spam checker, a virus scanner and this grey listing mechanism. You should see less spam emails from now on.

2005-12-20: server update
Kernel update. Webserver update. Merry christmas! :-)

2005-11-23: server update
Updated the server in the last 2 1/2 months on a daily basis. Only updates related to the kernel and to the apache/php server will be further noted here. The php module was updated this week including many security fixes.

2005-09-11: server update
Many updates, including kernel, webserver and php modules. Also switched from ssl to tls authentication for outgoing email.

2005-08-04: server update
Again a kernel upgrade and a new apache version. Lets keep things secure! :-)

2005-06-30: server update
Spamassassin spam-checker update. New Java version. And other small updates.

2005-06-13: server update
Some regular security updates and a kernel update.

2005-05-10: server update
Some regular security updates.

2005-04-14: ftp umask problem solved
The default permission for ftp access was too restrictive. This was only a problem with the unencrypted plain access. It is fixed now, however, you are still advised to use the encrypted access method if possible.

2005-03-20: Hackers cost time and money
A hacker has entered one system this morning using password guessing and was able to switch to root, install the SuckIt rootkit, but then however it locked out himself when trying to install a backdoor patched ssh server. The attackers IP was logged. We need to take advanced measures against those attacks. This costs time and money and it sucks.

2005-03-08: Dynamic DNS (DynDNS) service started
From now on you can register a sublevel domain of choice for dynamic DNS service. Thus you can access your computer at home from anywhere in the world. This works for all your domains you are managing (e.g.: home.<yourdomain> ) at w3peer.

2005-02-25: Primary and secondary server upgrade finished
The primary server hardware was upgraded this night. Secondly the backup server is now reinstalled and back in your service.

2005-02-24: Plain ftp access allowed again
As some users need to use plain ftp, pop and imap for various reasons (e.g. to have access with mobile devices), we reactivated those unencrypted services again. However we stronly advice you to use the encrypted access method (sftp, pop3s and imaps) if possible. For instructions how to configure them, look at the frequently asked questions (faq).

2005-02-19: Server transfer on sunday, 20. february
On sunday, 20. february all services will be transferred back to the primary server. Thus all new features that are already announced will be activated. Namely this the spam and virus filter, added security for accessing the server. You should check you email and ftp clients for the correct settings. For instructions how to configure them, look at the frequently asked questions (faq).

2005-02-18: Spam protection
The new email protection services are successfully tested on the new server. They will be activated on the next server transfer. The spam filter (spamassassin) marks the subject of all emails with the prefix "****SPAM****". You can validate the functionality of the spam filter. Later we will describe how you can delete such such mails automatically on the server.

2005-02-17: Antivirus software installed
A new antivirus software was successfully integrated in the server. It checks incoming and outgoing emails. Every email containing malicious code will be rejected immediately. The signature files are updated several times a day which should help preventing you from the next waves of viruses immediately.

2005-02-16: Important server update
After the complete failure of the old primary server, we have now temporarily activated the services on the dedicated backup server. This should have been mainly transparent for you. While completely reinstalling the primary server we have taken that opportunity to activate some more services and add further security for accessing the server. Namely, the file transfer access via plain ftp is now switched off and replaced by the encrypted sftp port (ssh2 based). Many users have preferred the sftp access point for some reasons anyway. Also the email access via plain pop and imap will be switched off. You can solely use pops and imaps (using openssl encryption).

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