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Do you have a short overview of parameters for my client setup?
Here is a short list of all parameters you need to know to configure your ftp- and email client. Please use exactly those settings for correct operation. Improper configuration might still work for some time, as for example some domains are on the same host as the mail server, but this can change without further notice.
Mail-Server (smtps, imaps, pop3s):mail.w3peer.com
Ftp-Server (sftp using ssh2):ftp.<your domain> (e.g. ftp.example.com)
For outgoing email you must enable user name and password authentication. All state-of-the-art email clients support these options, including mozilla, thunderbird, eudora, outlook and outlook express.

Note for the ftp protocol encryption: You can use plain ftp and sftp, an ssh2 based ftp protocol implementation. With plain ftp your password is tranmitted in clear text over the internet so you are advised to use the encrypted access method. A free client that supports the encrypted version is filezilla (homepage). The relevant port for sftp is 22.

Note for the smtp, imap and pop3 protocol encryption: You are advised to use the encrypted version of pop3 or imap (for incoming mail) and smtp (for outgoing mail). Otherwise your password is (identically to ftp) transmitted in clear text over the internet. On your client software you should check the relevant server settings using SSL. The relevant ports for smtps, imaps and pop3s are 465, 993 and 995 respectively.

What are the connection parameters to my database?
Your database is called db<your login> and the user is dbuser<your login>. The mysql server is available on localhost on the standard port 3306.

Will there be more questions answered on this faq?
Yes. This faq has just started. There are many more issues to to be answered including language support, enabled server features and database-, webmail-, and statistics access, and specialities like dav and subversion access. But, hey, feel free to ask for things that are not included here!

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